Got a neurostudent who won't let the company's employees steal client data

Got a neurostudent who won't let the company's employees steal client data

Most of the state-of-the-art tools for protecting corporate information block attempts to make screen shots or download important data. To circumvent control devices, fraudsters use monitors photographs. At the Russian company Stahanovec, they trained the neural network to combat such data thefts.

According to InfoWatch, the share of internal data leaks caused by the deliberate actions of employees has increased significantly in recent years, and companies have introduced various means of protection, and this helps to avoid the accidental dissemination of information, while the proportion of intentional actions by staff already exceeds 50 per cent of all internal leaks.

Stahanovec notes that about 10% of the data published on the Ducknet are photos of monitors made with an external device. To protect companies from loss of sensitive information, the programmers have developed Antifoto service. The trained neural network uses a web camera to control what's happening in the office and prevent leaks.

The program monitors and suppresses the activities of intruders who attempt to steal confidential data. To that end, it monitors both software manipulations and staff actions in the office. By detecting suspicious behavior, the system immediately hides important information, blocks the computer and alerts the company's security services.

Developers report that the program controls the constant activity of the webcam. If an employee tries to shut it down and close it down, the system closes the computer immediately. The same happens when you try to take a picture of the screen.

Offenders who photograph valuable documents cannot be traced through standard DLP systems. The use of conventional video surveillance does not prevent theft and provide reliable proof of insider's guilt.

Developers report that the new solution is already being used in metallurgical companies, petrochemical holding, mining, public authorities and finance.