NASA tested its new moon rover Viper!

NASA tested its new moon rover Viper!

For the next mission to the moon, NASA conducted tests on a ship called Viper, a circus boat whose mission would be to find ice water on our satellite and bring in a sample of it.

NASA's return to the Moon

In May 2019, we talked about the Artemis mission program, the synonym of NASA's return to the Moon, and first of all, in 2020, there's a drone flight of Artemis-1 around the satellite, followed by Artemis 2 and Artemis 3. The first flight to orbit around the Moon, the largest missile of all time by Boeing. It should be noted that the company is experiencing some delays in the construction of its missile, so no one knows if it will be ready by 2020.

As announced in NASA's press release of January 13, 2020, the agency has just tested Viper's alley at the Glenn Research Center's lunar operating lab.

What's the role for Viper?

The Lunar Operations Lab Lab is a lunar environment on Earth. Therefore, according to NASA, a large amount of data was collected during the test concerning the adhesion of the vehicle to the road as well as its wheels. The aim is to explore the best ways to overcome the various points of the Moon ' s topography. It should also assess the energy needs of the alley for its future mission.

For an American agency, Viper's flight to the Moon is very important for continuing to conquer space. Indeed, if a ubiquitous ship is responsible for researching the South Pole of the satellite, its main task will be to find frozen water and deliver a sample.

Water is indeed important information for creating a future moon base. Let's just remember that for a decade we knew that ice water was present on the moon, so that Viper's mission should also be able to assess whether there is enough of this resource to allow the human being to settle there.