Could manual driving be prohibited in the future?

Could manual driving be prohibited in the future?

With the gradual emergence of autonomous cars and the eternal frequency of human mistakes on the roads, a day can come when manual driving will simply be outlawed, and the British research firm is confident that this will happen in the next few decades.

Should we say goodbye to manual control?

In 2019, the Swiss Office for the Prevention of Accidents carried out alarming results: 95 per cent of traffic accidents are the result of a human factor, and it turns out that our brains are often overloaded during driving, fatigue, or distraught driving, and this is due to many reasons.

Although autonomous car technology is far from perfect, the argument "don't be distracted"

Even better, the website that transmits this report goes even further and mentions a future ban on manual driving, and eventually driving its own car can be banned in the name of public safety. Citizens who do not use this technology can be charged with criminal negligence.

Lack of confidence is still present

However, it should be borne in mind that driving is already restricted in many respects.

We must say that blindly trusting this technology today is quite dangerous, and there have been many accidents, often involving Tesla cars.