The cost of SpaceX is estimated at $125 billion

The cost of SpaceX is estimated at $125 billion

SpaceX has just attracted $1.5 billion in funding, increasing its estimate to $125 billion from $100 billion last year. Against this background, SpaceX offers to buy shares from existing shareholders to enable employees to cash.

Starlink's constellation continues to grow.

Despite inflation, SpaceX continues to grow and investors believe in its plans. Ilona Maska is now focusing on two main activities. The first is Starlink, whose constellation is designed to deliver high-speed Internet to the most remote regions of the world. SpaceX has already sent over 2,400 satellites to Earth orbit and plans to send thousands more. The company is now capable of producing 45 satellites per week. It also manufactures separate antennas that allow users to connect to satellites.

Like many other companies, SpaceX was forced to raise its prices, especially for Starlink subscriptions. In the United States, the price rose from $99 to $110 a month. The company also increased the cost of launching its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy missiles.

SpaceX Second Priority

In addition, Starship

SpaceX Final Objective

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company also launched an extensive recruitment campaign and posted more than 850 vacancies on its website, ranging from programme engineers to welders.

Despite the fact that his companies, SpaceX and Tesla, continue to grow, Ilon Musk is now being dragged into controversy. It is reported that SpaceX paid a flight attendant $250,000 to keep her quiet after Ilon Musk made her a "sexual offer." SpaceX President Gwynn Schottwell told the company's employees that she personally considered the charges against Mask to be false, and Mask also denied the charges.

Ilon Mask was also caught in the fire for suspending the takeover of Twitter, which he announced he would acquire a few weeks earlier.