NIO, Tesla's rival, will offer a car with 1,000 km range

NIO, Tesla's rival, will offer a car with 1,000 km range

With a few cars already in hand, the NIO is moving into a segment of luxurious electrosedans. The Chinese rival Tesla with his eT7 seems to want to compete directly with the famous S model. This car is full of promises in terms of autonomy, endurance, but also in terms of its capacity and autonomous driving.

33 self-driving sensors

The Chinese company NIO, founded in 2014, specializes in the development and production of electric vehicles. Since its inception, several cars, three SUVs and a supercar, have entered the market. Today, NIO is returning with a new car: eT7. This rival Tesla Model S seems to have some serious tricks.

As far as design is concerned, it is not surprising that eT7 resembles Model S with quite similar curves. However, its huge 100 per cent glass roof serves as a light hatch in the car compartment. However, most importantly, the NIO has integrated at least 33 self-driving sensors into its vehicle. The car has cameras, long-range lidars, ultrasonic sensors and millimetre-band radars.

eT7 is characterized by the use of a full transmission. The front axle is driven by an engine of 180 kW and the rear axle is driven by an engine of 180 kW.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer has developed an automated station to replace the batteries of their cars. At least 500 such stations are due to appear in China in 2021. 70 kW/h will be available at a price of Euro479,000 and 100 kW/h.