Beta version of Tesla Autonomous System will be a real danger in the city

Beta version of Tesla Autonomous System will be a real danger in the city

US transport security expressed Tesla's dissatisfaction with the beta version of its "Fully Self Drinving" system.

This Tesla system is a source of mistrust for the authorities.

Ilon Mask has repeatedly stated that Tesla vehicles will soon be 100% autonomous.

Despite many criticisms and quite frequent car accidents involving Tesla, Ilon Mask launched a beta version of a fully autonomous driving system in October 2020, which is intended for volunteers who are members of Tesla's early access programme.

According to article CNBC of 12 March 2021, beta version 8.2 is currently being tested, which the National Transport Security Council clearly does not like.

Behavior like a drunk.

In a Twitter post, Ilon Mask spoke of maintaining vigilance despite the fact that the version was ripe. However, YouTube AI Addict posted two videos, as seen as the car was constantly not hit by obstacles, zigzagically moved along the road and accidentally changed the traffic lane. Worse still, the footage shows that the car is taking the lane.

So Ilon Mask is right about being vigilant, because it's more like a drunk driver now. In fact, the driver-man has to regain control of the steering wheel in order to avoid accidents during the test. It also seems that the system works well enough in rural and other areas where traffic does not matter. On the contrary, the same system does not work in denser urban areas.

Obviously, aware of the problem, Elon Musk also stated that weak drivers should not be allowed to use version 8.2 of the system; the billionaire also reported that no accidents had occurred to date.