Tesla represents a humanoid robot to help people at work

Tesla represents a humanoid robot to help people at work

Tesla is working on creating a humanoid robot. This TeslaBot will be able to perform ungrateful tasks that are usually performed by people in the workforce. This robot will be "friendly," and you will be able to do "", a joke by Ilon Mask.

Tesla recently organized "Tesla's artificial intelligence day", an annual conference to discuss the company's progress in artificial intelligence. During this event, Ilon Mask presented his latest "child": a human robot called TeslaBot. With an increase of 1.76 m and a ability to move at 8 km/h, he seeks to enter the labour market to replace the person with the most repeated and dangerous tasks. He imagines a world in which physical effort will no longer be mandatory, but will become an "choice".

In a more distant perspective, we could imagine these black-and-white humanoids on planet Mars, as SpaceX sees it, to support future astronauts.

This robot will be equipped with the same FSD cameras and computers as Tesla semi-autonomous cars. The software will also be similar, with automated front-end training based on video streams transmitted by these cameras. The ultimate goal will be to create a robot capable of responding to any situation and understanding the challenges without the need for pre-programming.

Ilon Mask announced that Teslabots' first prototypes could be available next year. We'll have to wait for the final version.

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A Friendly Robot

On this topic, it is also important to remember that Ilon Mask is one of those who fears the potential dangers of robotics supported by AI, citing the risk of "the Terminator scenario".

A few years ago, Mask called on governments to impose restrictions on AI before it was too late, and he helped create OpenAI, a non-profit association for research on artificial intelligence that aims to promote safe and ethical AI.

Yesterday, Tesla's leader again said, "If we don't do it, someone else will, so maybe we should do it, and do it safely. Bot Tesla will be friendly, and you can do it," he joked.