Tesla and its amazing idea of developing glass cleaner lasers

Tesla and its amazing idea of developing glass cleaner lasers

We've had confirmation of this for a long time: Tesla

Laser cleaning system

Tesla has recently been reported to be a supplier of electricity in the United States, but Tesla still remains primarily a car manufacturer, and the news on this front is abundant. The Electric site, in an article of September 8, 2021, reports that it discovered an amazing patent that Tesla submitted at the end of 2019, and now the manufacturer has just received approval. The technology described in this paper, available on the USPTO website, is quite amazing.

It's a laser-cleaning system for windscreens, as well as photoelectrics on vehicles. In other words, it's a clear alternative to traditional windshield cleaners. It's a simple concept currently under study, but you never know that it can become a reality in the near future. It's worth remembering that the car manufacturer often has some pretty crazy ideas that sometimes actually come into being.

Only for cars?

In the cleaning system described in the patent, the task of laser beams

Tesla suggests that this system can be used in other areas as well. For example, it can be used to clean up the famous Solar Roof skull at home. And the fact that the Cybertrock and Roadster prototypes presented by the brand do not have normal wipers suggests that the patent refers to a technology that can actually see light. Meanwhile, Tesla works in all directions. A few weeks ago, the manufacturer introduced a humanoid robot.