Tesla passes 1,200 km on a single charger thanks to an experimental battery

Tesla passes 1,200 km on a single charger thanks to an experimental battery

The Tesla vehicle can drive more than a thousand kilometers on a single charger, which has been made possible by a prototype battery developed by an American company; however, this amazing battery still raises several questions.

Our Next Energy

This incredible performance was made possible by Gemini, a new prototype battery. Remember, however, that the distance travelled was twice as high as the initial power of Model S. Thus, the announcement logically put behind the promise of autonomy of the German manufacturer Mercedes with its EQS.

The model S in question drove its 1,200 km at an average speed of 80 km/h. According to Our Next Energy, the neutral observer recorded the indicators using a dynamometer. The Gemini battery installation did not affect the other performance characteristics of Tesla.

In an interview with Electrek magazine, Mujib Ijaz gave details about the prototype. It is a battery with a dual chemical composition that will be sold as a ranger. It has an energy density of 416 Wh/L compared to 245 Wh/L in the original package, as well as a graphite anode and a nickel-cobalt-manganese cathode. It also weighs 331 kg more and adds 99.8 kW/h to the energy.

With these promises, Our Next Energy is trying to reassure all consumers about the range of electric vehicles. It should be said that this fear is one of the obstacles to the introduction of these vehicles. In addition, the company stated that it is currently working to create an anode without graphene and cathodes without nickel and cobalt for even more durability.

Although this decision seems revolutionary in theory, it is possible that Our Next Energy will not go beyond promises. The details given to the startup are still scarce, and many tests and research will be required to confirm the reliability of the project on the economic side and especially in terms of productivity.