SpaceX is considering applying its Starlink project on planet Mars

SpaceX is considering applying its Starlink project on planet Mars

The location of Starlink satellites for Earth communications is still far from complete. However, SpaceX has already mentioned its desire to apply the same technology on planet Mars. However, this project may be even more important than the one relating to our planet.

After the Earth of Mars?

The SpaceX Starlink project, launched in 2018, has 893 satellites in low-Earth orbit, recalling that the ultimate goal is to deploy at least 12000 over the next few years, although Elon Mask would like to achieve a total of 42000. This will provide high-speed Internet access for the entire planet. While this project is at an early stage, Gwynn Schottwell, President and Chief Operations Officer of SpaceX, has recently spoken about the planet Mars.

In an interview published by TIME magazine, the complainant mentioned a situation that seemed logical, and she said that when people colonize Mars, they would need a connection, so using a constellation such as Starlink around Mars could be a great help.

Gwynn Schottwell also stressed the willingness to continue the current project, although SpaceX is already considering its future plans for other planets. First of all, these projects seem motivated by the possibility that our Earth will one day become unviable, a scenario worthy of apocalyptic science fiction films, but many people take seriously the idea of the collapse of civilization.

"," said Gwynn Shotwell.

In anticipation of the arrival of the first people on Mars, the Starlink project is subject to a variety of criticism. Many astronomers believe that the constellation is too bright and could interfere with their observations. Note also the risks of space pollution. Problems may arise, for example, at the level of communication systems or engines. When such concerns arise, satellites unfortunately become ordinary space debris. At the same time, space debris is a matter of concern and serious questions.