SpaceX: First mission to the Moon funded by Dogecoin

SpaceX: First mission to the Moon funded by Dogecoin

SpaceX will work with Geometic Energy to launch a cube satellite around the Moon in 2022, and surprisingly, the mission will be fully funded by Dogecoin, a famous dog head cryptation.


Doge-1 on the Moon

The head of SpaceX has just announced the launch of a mission fully funded by DogeCoin of Geometic Energy.

This mission, called Doge-1, will be aimed at putting into orbit around the Moon a cube weighing about 40 kilograms, and while there, the mini-satellite will collect information on the moon surface by means of on-board sensors and cameras, and will be launched in 2022 on the Falcon 9 rocket.

"", said Tom Ocinero, Vice-President of SpaceX, on commercial sales, in a press release. "

Geometric Energy confirmed the mission's plans on Sunday, May 9th, but it does not disclose its financial value.

Remember, however, that Dogecoin has just been through a rough week since Ilon Mask again appeared on the Saturday Night Live show.

During a false interview, SpaceX's head, who also used it to expose his Asperger syndrome to the world, acted as a financial expert claiming that "Dogecoin