Ilon Mask warns of the "serious" risk of bankruptcy for SpaceX

Ilon Mask warns of the "serious" risk of bankruptcy for SpaceX

In an e-mail to their employees, Ilon Mask warned them of the "serious" risk of bankruptcy currently faced by SpaceX. The delay in the production of Raptor engines designed to launch the Starship missile is a matter of concern.

Remember that SpaceX is currently developing its new Starship missile in Texas, which should also be reusable, is designed for the first human flight to Mars. Initially, Ilon Mask wanted to send a mission to the Moon. The first orbital flight was planned for early 2022.

A spacecraft with a length of 120 metres should be capable of sending more than 100 tons of payload into space, so it requires a more than powerful engine to launch Starship.

In other words, whether it be the Moon, Mars, or another place, Starship will not go anywhere without these engines. In an e-mail addressed to its employees, which fell into the hands of several American media outlets, including SpaceExplored, Ilon Musk reported his strong concern about the "production crisis" on the Raptor engine line.

In this internal message, Chief SpaceX even calls on his employees to stay at work on holidays to save the ship. He says he's planning to take the first weekend in a long time, but he's staying on the Raptor line all night and all weekend.


The reason for this serious concern is not clear, but Ilon Mask suggests that the leadership is leaving. According to CNBC, it's probably two vice-presidents who reportedly left the company in November. One thing is certain: Ilon Mask is concerned about the future Starlink 2 project, which requires launch through a notorious missile. The project is necessary for the financial stability of SpaceX, according to his words. He said that there is a serious risk of bankruptcy if the missile does not reach the level of two flights per month by the end of next year.

The goal of the Starlink project, the first part of which has already been launched, is to provide high-speed Internet services around the world through the deployment of a low-orbit constellation.

According to Ilon Mask, this first part, Starlink V1, was, however, not the most profitable, and the launch of the second part is crucial to his future company.

However, last October, the company was valued at over $100 billion... so it may still have some resources.