NASA shared Perseverance's video landing on Mars!

NASA shared Perseverance's video landing on Mars!

NASA just introduced the first video of a Mars cruiser, Perseverance, landing on Mars on February 18!

As you are aware, the NASA Mars 2020 Mission ship successfully landed on the Red Planet on Thursday, 18 February. A few seconds after it was touched by researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the first two images were received simultaneously with us. Then, a few hours later, NASA showed other incredible photographs, including one showing Perseverance from above when the stage of descent was about to be dropped onto the ground. This image was actually a preliminary view of the video shown on this Monday by NASA.

Naturally, these images took some time to get to us, as Perseverance gradually downloads these data to the Marsian orbital reconnaissance machine, which in turn transmits them to the NASA Deep Space Network antenna network. Note that from its landing site in the crater, the Ezero Marsoship can send up to two megabits per second to the orbital MRO.

These images

It is known that the ubiquitous ship has landed about 1.7 km from the centre of the proposed landing site, at a relatively flat "park site." After a few days of testing all the ubiquitous tools, JPL researchers will install a software for driving and navigation. This should take another three or four days before they start moving on the surface. The goal will be to get to an ancient delta two kilometres from here where the footprints of life can be preserved.

Meanwhile, NASA would normally focus on the first test flight of a small helicopter, Ingenuity.