Sea Wave Energy presents a new version of its floating wave power plant

Sea Wave Energy presents a new version of its floating wave power plant

A few years after the launch of its first prototype, Sea Wave Energy recently introduced a new version, an innovative floating wave power plant that promises quite high productivity.

Prospective floating wave power plant

The British company Sea Wave Energy Limited uses wave power to operate, so it's a floating wave power plant.

In addition, although WLM is designed to produce a significant amount of mechanical energy to convert it into electricity, the project is also designed to produce hydrogen. Thus, WLM is capable of electrolyzing water. However, SWEL mentions the possibility of using a seawater desalination device or to control coastal erosion. In fact, WLM is a mobile floating mass that follows the movement of waves to generate mechanical energy. The company refers to the neutral displacement theory, using the opposite downward force and neutral interaction.

After testing a new version of its prototype in wave tanks and in the real marine environment, SWEL promises to generate 100 MW on WLM. The next step for the company is logically commercializing its technology; however, there are still several pilot tests to assess the reliability of the entire system and to make any improvements.

In order to implement its project, Sea Wave Energy Limited has just announced a competition for collaboration with strategic partners. In addition to providing funding, SWEL would also like to have expertise that will help reduce production and operating costs of WLM, increase its capacity and limit its impact on the environment.