Xiaomi introduced CyberOne's humanoid robot — walking at a speed of 3.6 km/h, carrying 1.5 kg with one hand and understanding emotions

Xiaomi introduced CyberOne's humanoid robot — walking at a speed of 3.6 km/h, carrying 1.5 kg with o

Today, at a presentation in Beijing, Xiaomi presented a human-like robot, CyberOne, the software and design development of last year's CyberDog robot project. The new machine holds balance by moving on two legs, the electric motor torque reaches 300 Nm, and the robot's intellectual ability allows it to recognize human emotions and build three-dimensional maps.

CyberOne has a height of 177 cm, a weight of 52 kg, and a length of 168 cm. This is a more advanced model than last year's CyberDog: it has more powerful engines, the whole design has more degrees of freedom, and the motion algorithms in a straight car are much more complex. CyberOne has 21 degrees of freedom, and the response rate of each of the nodes is 0.5 ms, the manufacturer claims that the machine can simulate human movements completely. The average speed of CyberOne is 3.6 km/h.

The actual performance of the robot in different parts of the body depends on the ability of each engine: on the upper extremities there are 500 g electric motors capable of generating a 30 Nm torque, and on the hip joints there are 300 Nm engines. By one hand, CyberOne keeps the weight up to 1.5 kg and its motion is programmed by a simple demonstration.

The robot is guided in space by the Mi-Sense visual module, and the processing of data is provided by the artificial intelligence algorithm, which consists of three-dimensional maps of space, recognizing people, gestures and expressions. Communication with the outside world is supported by the external environment semantics recognition system and the voice emotion recognition system: the first allows the identification of 85 environmental sounds, the second by 45 human emotions. CyberOne can understand when the user is happy or comfort the host at the time of grief. The self-emotion machine expresses itself by means of a curved OLED-display that replaces the face.

The CyberOne project for Xiaomi has a research focus. The companies have noted that industrial robots are valued for their mechanical capabilities, but machines that are designed to live side by side with a person should be as similar as their owners by simulating their perception and learning processes, they need to be able to make decisions and do the right thing, even in circumstances that are not set up by the program. In doing so, a large number of technologies are created that are useful in a variety of different fields. Now, the companies now say that CyberOne technologies will be used in numerous Xiaomi products.