Ilon Mask calls for questioning in court of Twitter staff responsible for counting questionable accounts

Ilon Mask calls for questioning in court of Twitter staff responsible for counting questionable acco

From the point of view of court proceedings, there is not much time left until mid-October, so the lawyers of Ilon Maska and their Twitter opponents are trying to find a win-win strategy to protect their interests in court. The representatives of the head of Tesla and SpaceX are demanding that those Twitter specialists who are responsible for determining the proportion of questionable accounts in the daily social media audience be called to testify.

According to the lawyers representing Mask's interests, Twitter conceals from the counterparty reliable information on the proportion of false accounts. If Twitter officials are forced to testify under oath, it will shed light on the situation as the representatives of Ilona Maska expect. A letter requesting it has already been sent to the court, and Twitter lawyers have five days to determine which part of the letter can be made public in preparation for the court hearing.

Twitter, according to Bloomberg, has so far only given the court the names of the professionals responsible for storing the requested data, and the identity of the employees responsible for the calculation and direct monitoring of the questionable accounts, the social network is still hiding. Again, Twitter insists that the proportion of such records among active users of the social network does not exceed 5% of the daily audience. Ilon Mask is convinced that this figure is significantly higher. In addition, the billionaire does not like the estimates of the size of the daily monetized audience provided by Twitter. He is convinced that this figure does not exceed 173 million people instead of those declared by the opponents 238 million. He is also convinced that no more than 16 million Twitter users view the majority of advertisements and thus generate social media revenues.