Pavel Durov accused Apple of unduly delaying the update of Telegram

Pavel Durov accused Apple of unduly delaying the update of Telegram

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, reported that Apple had been holding up the messenger for two weeks without explaining why. This is not the first time that Durov has been attacking Apple; he had previously accused a company in Coopertino of deliberately restricting Telegram Web.

Durov regretted that Telegram could not distribute new versions of Telegram because of the lack of transparency in the "review process" established for all mobile applications by technological monopolies.

As an example, he cited the situation of the upcoming Telegram update, which is to "revolve the way people express their thoughts when they exchange messages", but has been in the "consideration process" for two weeks now.

- Marked by Durov.

He stressed that the damage was in addition to the 30 per cent charge that Apple and Google charged the application developers for reimbursement of the costs of considering the applications.

He had previously accused Apple of deliberately restricting web versions of applications, such as Telegram Web. He noted that a web version of the Messenger could not be fully disclosed on iOS devices, and Apple could deliberately undermine the quality of the web versions by encouraging users to download app Store applications, for which the commission received a commission.

Durov added that regulatory authorities in the EU and other countries had begun to pay attention to abuses, but the economic damage caused by the Apple technology industry could no longer be eliminated.