What's new in tvOS 16 Spoiler: almost nothing new

What's new in tvOS 16 Spoiler: almost nothing new

The main presentation at WWDC 2022 Apple showed new operating systems for all of its devices except Apple TV. For the first time in a few years, the new tvOS was not devoted to the event for a minute. We are in a hurry to calm the owners of the Apple TV apps: Coopertino has not forgotten about you. A new version of the operating system for TV sets will see the light as well as the rest of the operations in the fall of this year.

The new version of tvOS surprised at the lack of loud innovation.

Even though Apple did not show tvOS 16, its beta version for developers is already available, and we were able to see what the new Apple offers us in its operation. Innovations in the new system are very few, but they are worth looking at. Let's figure out what Apple added to TvOS 16.

Apple TV Games

Maybe with the support of the new controllers, there's gonna be some cool games on Apple TV.

This year Apple paid special attention to the games as part of the MacOS presentation, and it was announced that there would finally be famous Teitles on Makah, and a completely new Metal 3 was presented separately.

Apple TV has not received such innovations, but has gained the support of a large number of Bluetooth controllers. The most important thing in this situation is that in Coopertino, it's as if all the controllers that support their TV show are deliberately not opening up. In particular, Apple reported that the JJcons from Nintendo Switch can now be used on Apple TV under the control of TvoS 16.

Apple just found a way to connect the controller from Xbox, Playstation, or MFi-certified. However, there are no companies and models of such joysticks. If someone seriously plays Apple TV, know that there are also jj-cons in the arsenal of possible devices to connect.

Smart House — HomeKit

Apple TV with Matter turns into Yandex.

In tvOS 16, Matter's full support became available. Matter is a standard for a smart house that brings together the different manufacturers of smart house devices. It allows the devices developed by different companies to be integrated into a single system.

Matter's support originally appeared in beta versions of tvOS 15, but the new standard was not available to end-users. For users, nothing will change very much, just all of their devices added to HomeKit can be controlled using Apple TV.

For someone, it'll be a convenient addition to the current way of managing, someone won't take advantage of this opportunity, but the fact remains that Apple is trying to give users more opportunities to manage a smart house without locking them on the iPhone alone.

Apple Synchronization

Apple Synchronization looks very convenient, Apple TV sees nearby gadgets.

The rather vague function that Apple notes in the new system is the improved interaction between the company's different devices. Apple itself recommends synchronizing tvOS with iOS, iPadOS, or watchos to open up new opportunities for Apple TV.

This interaction can already be seen in the Apple Fitness application. At the beginning of the exercise, the application on TV synchronizes with the Apple Watch data, and during the course of the exercise, your activity data is available from clock to TV, where the program adjusts the activity to your physical performance.

The Apple TV+ application can synchronize time scales between different devices, and outside developers can create games using your iPhone screen or iPad as an additional display, for example, to display maps.

Synchronization between Apple's devices has always been high. All the information needed is moving between them, often without unnecessary body movements. If Coopertino has succeeded in further deepening the interaction of its gadgets, it will be a clear excuse for users not to look at competitors.

Which Apple TV will update on tvOS 16

It was finally possible to set 12 or 24 hours of time on tvOS.

There were 16 or more minor changes in tvOS. The Apple TV+ application introduced a new extended bonus for Apple TV+ projects that will help with the search. During the use of the Apple Fitness+ application, cardiac rhythm levels are released on the screen to make it easier to dose the load.

Among the functions that are not visible to the eye, new user styles and button effects for developers have emerged to improve the appearance of external applications.

It was initially reported that tvOS 16 would be able to boast HDR10+ support, but after a while the references were deleted. It appears that this function will bypass the current update.

The new tvOS 16 will operate on the following devices:

  • Apple TV fourth generation Apple TV HD Apple TV 4K Apple TV 4K second generation

Apple has a good update, but innovation is more of a tvOS 15.5. It seems to have been well understood at the company and did not give the new tvOS time to make a presentation. The TV application system is evolving evolutionaryly, and there's nothing a radical new Apple can add to it.

To compete with game consoles, not with the most powerful iron and the need to keep the price at a certain level in Coopertino is not trying, even though it gives developers the opportunity to create games. Let's hope Apple knows where it's coming from, because from far away, it's very much like an idea stagnating.