Low-cost goods with AliExpress that will please you every day

Low-cost goods with AliExpress that will please you every day

If you know where to buy that cool torch, the column, or the knife, you don't answer with care: Ali Express. At times like this, you start wondering if you're doing something wrong in this life, because you think it's impossible for Ali to find something that's real and useful. But that's not true. Today we're gonna be playing the role of a friend of yours who knows what's good in China's class goods and can tell you what's really worth buying.

Ali's got a lot of classy stuff at flip prices.

Quick-freezing board

The reviews say that a kilo of frozen junk on a board like this defrosts in 40 minutes.

Remember that guy from Tick Tok who's sneaking out -- I ordered this to check how it actually works? In one of his rollers, he showed a special board where frozen products are supposed to defrost much faster at room temperature. We found it. Turns out it's just a board and nothing else. It doesn't have any heating elements or any means of influencing the product. You just put meat, vegetables or anything else on it and wait for them to get cold.

Buy a coldboard.

Apparently, the whole secret is in the material of the board, which makes it effectively picking up the cold from the product. In fact, it works as a radiator, only the other way around. It's hard to believe, but the products on that board are actually defrosting out more quickly than if they were just lying on the table. Of course, it doesn't happen in minutes, as the ad says, but it's still pretty quick, so buying a blackboard can really make sense.

USB Type-C Roset

There's a lot of different colors and different kinds of USB-ports.

How do you charge your smartphone? It's understandable that it's a charger. What if it's not? In such cases, it's often a power bank, a laptop, or another device with a larger battery capable of giving its resource to a mobile machine. Isn't it better to have a reserve of a USB-port outlet that allows you to charge a smartphone directly without using a power unit?

Buy a plug with USB-C

I like these outlets from Delviz. This manufacturer is good at making, first, quality products that have very good reviews. And secondly, only Delviz has two types of USB-A and USB-C outlets. It's very convenient because different smartphones offer different charging cables, and you can charge, for example, an iPhone, only through USB-C, but only USB-A is suitable for Android-smartphones.

U.S.B. charge batteries

These batteries can be charged as a normal smartphone on cable.

Fingerboards, despite their old age, are still popular, because the absolute majority of infrared and bluths pults work from them. But buying each time a new batch of "durasella" or "energyizer" can be quite expensive. So I recommend the purchase of rechargeable AA batteries that have a capacity of 2,600 MWh and are suitable for both the remotes and the mouses and the portable gadgets of other types.

Buy batteries from USB-C

It's cool that these batteries are specifically charged through USB-C. It's very convenient because it's made it a little more difficult to meet today's Microsoft cable because of its withdrawal from use. So you can just take a charger from your iPhone, connect it to the batteries and charge it in turn, or buy a single adapter that can charge them all at once. The full charge takes a lot of time -- an hour and a half, but these batteries will be working for weeks after that.

Lightning Cable in Flip

It's the most popular Lightning cable on the Ali Express.

Speaking of chargeable cables, the quality of the complete wires that Apple puts in boxes with its devices still leaves much to be desired. So I recommend that they be changed to something stronger. For example, on the cable from Baseus. This is a famous manufacturer of accessories for iPhones and other smartphones that make real quality wires in a fabric plaque. They don't wipe, they don't break, and they can serve you for years, not even for the best use.

Buy Lightning Cable

The garland with the clippings.

With a garland like that, I'm not ashamed to take a picture.

You've probably seen in the intestinal flashlights where the background is adorned with a garlic with the pictures hanging on the clips. It looks very nice and spectacular, but you're not gonna get all over the bathroom with the underwear clips, and so the clothes after the laundry are not gonna be fixed, and they're probably gonna look like that in the frame, and it's gonna look like that. It's gonna need special stylish clippings that you can buy on Ali with the garland itself.

Buy a garland.

This garland is good because its LEDs don't stick to a wire wrapped in a silicone plaque, but to a thin and almost invisible wire. It creates the effect of floating light bulbs as if they were just hanging in the air. It's not as strong as normal, but it looks much more effective. It's got a set of 30 pins that you can attach to photos taken on a polyroid or some other camera of instant printing. There are versions of 2, 5, 10 and 20 meters on the market.

Edison's Lamp — Buy

If you buy a dimmer for this light bulb, you can control its brightness.

Another cool thing for photographing and just for personal pleasure is the so-called retro-lighter, which is suitable for the loft interior, which looks really beautiful and would be useful, for example, for lighting some intimate areas in an apartment where there's no need for high luminance, because it doesn't give scattered light like a regular light bulb, like in a bathroom or in a bathroom or, say, in a closet room.

Buy a retro chimney.

Despite the seemingly primitiveity of such a light bulb, it allows you to manually control the luminance, but it is not going to be a normal filament lamp or a LED light bulb. However, if you buy a dimmer, you can play with the light and pick the luminance under you. The light bulbs have a standard E27 cap, which is used in all Russian rounds, so you don't have to freak out by choosing the light bulb in your appearance, they're all universal.

How to Cut Thickly a Cucumber

What's weirder than pickles?

You want to surprise the guests with an unusual supply of vegetables, or you just want to replace the mooring in your home by something else? This pickle sharpener will allow you to cut them with a continuous and thin tape in minutes. Just put the vegetable inside the sharpener and start spinning around your axis, pressing it to the blade. Its spicyness will be sufficient to spread both cucumbers and carrots and pubs, and zucchinis and other vegetables in an elongated shape.

Buy a pickle sharpener.

Despite the fact that it's a very low-cost thing, the reviews very much praise the high quality of the sharpener, and users say that the blade with which the sharpener is fitted is pretty sharp, and if you want to do it, you can not even sharpen it, but you can fix it. But after washing the blade, it's better to wipe it dry so it doesn't rust. Some of the buyers have small bugs a few months after they start operating on the edge of the blade, but it's possible it's helped to wash in the dishwasher.