Infections can be detected through headphones

Infections can be detected through headphones

Using artificial intelligence, U.S. researchers have turned headphones into a medical diagnostic tool. By analysing the resonance of the audio signal, they can detect corks in their ears, ruptured eardrums, and ear infections.

The advent of advanced learning technology over the past decade has led to significant advances in artificial intelligence. .Neron networks have enabled algorithms to be trained to address multiple challenges, such as facial recognition, automatic translation, deep forgery, and even diagnosis of certain diseases, and researchers from the New York State University in Buffalo have developed an IE capable of checking the health of their ears.

The system is called and operates with internal monitors connected to a smartphone equipped with a deep learning platform. Headphones emit chirpings or pulses with a certain frequency. And they use a built-in microphone to measure how this sound signal resonates in the ear canals, creating a profile of the unique geometry of the user ' s inner ear.

The system will then regularly, for example once a day, issue sound signals to see if this profile has changed. It is able to detect three conditions that change the geometry of the ear passage: ear cork, rupture of the eardrum and ear infection.

The researchers tested their system on 92 volunteers, including 27 with no ear problems, 22 with eardrum rupture, 25 with ear infection, and 18 with ear blockage.