The NASA SLS launch site will be launched on August 18, with a launch to the Moon scheduled for August 29

The NASA SLS launch site will be launched on August 18, with a launch to the Moon scheduled for Augu

NASA reported that the SLS moon rocket with Orion has been successfully tested to establish a precise date for the next step, the beginning of the missile's deployment to the launch site. The launch from the assembly workshop is scheduled to take place on 18 August. The launch of the rocket into space will take place in 11 days, 29 August.

The Orion spacecraft will be equipped with four Lego astronauts, Snoopy's teddy dog and Barashek Sean. For the Orion, it will be the second space flight. The first test flight without a crew, the partial multiple Orion capsule, was carried out on December 5, 2014 on the Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle. For the Orion, the SLS would be the second unmanned mission in space. Only this time, the ship will fly to the Moon, spend a few weeks there, and enter the Earth's atmosphere at a very different speed from the normal orbital flight.

The Artemis I mission will test both the SLS launcher, which has not yet flown into space, and the Orion ship's strength test. At the end of the mission, the ship will sail into the Pacific Ocean, where it will be picked up by the United States Navy.

According to the flight plan, the launch vehicle has to reach orbit in 8.5 minutes. About 80 to 90 minutes after launch, the rocket booster will have to take the ship to the moon's flight trajectory. The Gravity Manoeuvre will take the Orion to the so-called Luna's long-range retrograde orbit. The ship will move in the direction of the opposite movement of the Moon around the Earth. The gravity manoeuvre will also be performed to return to Earth.

Orion is equipped with high-resolution high-speed and high-resolution cameras, and NASA is counting on many high-quality video broadcasts of Moon and Earth species from this corner of space. Many selfies of the ship will also be one of the goals of the Artemis I mission.

The extra days for launching the moon missile are September 2 and September 5 and if the missile is not launched these days, it will have to be taken back to the hangar and partially restored. The next windows will open in October. Let's hope the missile will be successfully launched on the first scheduled days.