Tesla may lose the right to sell electric cars in California if she doesn't start marketing autopilot correctly

Tesla may lose the right to sell electric cars in California if she doesn't start marketing autopilo

More than two years ago, the Munich court banned Tesla from using the term "autopilot" in advertising its vehicles sold in Germany because it misled buyers about the real possibilities of the system; a similar precedent is emerging in its once-born state of California, and it has 15 days left to defend its position in court.

According to CNBC, similar accusations against Tesla were made by the California Motor Vehicle Department, accusing the company of using the terms "autopilot" and "self-driving" in marketing materials. According to the agency's lawyers, these terms formally imply that Tesla machines should already be able to operate without human interference, and this is not the case, thus misleading users, and this description of functions gives them a false sense of security.

The California Authority insists that Tesla change its practice of describing these functions of its electric vehicles when they are sold in the state, otherwise the car manufacturer may lose his licence to produce the electric vehicles and sell them in California; the court will allow the company 15 days to present its own arguments in favour of the legality of the marketing practices used.

This investigation does not in any way restrict the operation of Tesla electric vehicles that have already been sold throughout the state, but the U.S. supervisory authorities, through the same NHTSA, have had many questions about the safety of the company ' s active driver ' s assistance systems. 37 cases involving Tesla electric vehicles with the driver ' s help systems involved have been investigated, 17 of which have been fatal. In the past 12 months, Tesla has had more than 70% of the accidents involving active driver ' s assistance systems throughout the U.S., such statistics indicate that Tesla ' s vehicles with activated systems of this type are widespread but do not give a precise picture of the level of safety of the brand ' s electric vehicles.