The giant vortex just opened in Chile: the White House will be there

The giant vortex just opened in Chile: the White House will be there

A huge vortex, large enough to absorb the White House in the United States, formed at a mine site in Chile, reports the National Geology and Mining Service.

A shiny hole of 32 metres wide appeared in rural areas outside the city of Tierra Amarilla, about 800 kilometres north of the capital of Santiago, and the width of the White House is about 26 metres. The depth of the hole is about 200 metres and the water tank at the bottom, Vice reports.

The opening appeared at the site of the Alcaparros copper mine, and according to the Canadian company Lundin Mining, which owns the mine, no injuries or injuries have been reported, and Chilean geologists are now investigating the hole and have installed a 100-metre perimeter of security around the site.

Ravens are pits that are formed over areas where water is collected underground without external drainage, as a result of which the underground caves are cut out, and they are regularly formed near old and active mines, where large amounts of rock and ore have been mined, often formed gradually over many years, but can also be opened completely suddenly by carrying cars, houses and streets.

Cristobal Sunyga, Mayor of Thierra-Amarilla, stated in an interview with the local radio station that people who lived near the mine "always feared that something like this might happen."