The smartphone Oukitel C31 will be on the market next week with discounts

The smartphone Oukitel C31 will be on the market next week with discounts

===Career===Brend Oukitel, known for its secure smartphones, released a model of C31 entry level. This is a low-cost 6.5-inch machine with 1600x720 pixel resolution. It works on the MediaTek Helio A22 processor with 3 Gbyte of Operational Memory. The storage volume is 16 Gbyte, but it can be expanded by a memory card to 256 Gbyte; however, the OS is not an outdated version of Android, but a modern Android 12.

The design of the new smartphone is strict, without unusual elements. The gadget will be available in three colours: black, blue and sea-wave. The frame around the screen is small, frontal camera no. 5 Mp is hidden in the center in a miniatural drop. The main camera has a 13 Mp resolution sensor and software with many different modes, including night and professional, with the possibility of manual settings.

One of the main points for an entry-level smartphone is the battery's capacity, and there's no saving on the battery: 5,150 mach is even more than many competitors, and the manufacturer's assurance is that it should have enough talking equipment for 50 hours, 60 hours of playing music, and 520 hours of waiting hours.

And prices: From August 8 to August 12 at the AliExpress premiere, the smartphone will cost $69.99.

Other interesting news: China's Internet speed has risen 14 times, with the price falling by more than 95%.