Tesla released a thiser showing the hands of a prototype humanoid robot Optimus

Tesla released a thiser showing the hands of a prototype humanoid robot Optimus

In the run-up to AI Day #2, Tesla released a tyser with a rendezvous of the Optimus humanoid robot prototype.

Last year, the first Tesla AI Day was dedicated primarily to Tesla's autonomous driving system. The developer also announced the Dojo supercomputer and plans for the release of the humanoid robot Tesla Optimus. It was expected that AI Day #2 would take place exactly one year after the first, but later Mask announced that the event was being postponed to 30 September. The businessman promised that the delay would allow Tesla to prepare a working prototype by that date.

In a meeting with shareholders, Mask introduced a new image of Tesla Optimus to promote Tesla AI Day #2.

During the last event, Mask not only announced the project, but continued to promote it, despite intense criticism, reporting that the robot production was scheduled for 2023, a very early date for such an ambitious project; however, Tesla ' s head had already stated that the development of the robot was a priority for the company in 2022.

Now, Mask once again confirmed his intention to make the robot business bigger than the electric car project, adding that in the long term Optimus would become more important than transport. In one statement, he even claimed that the creation of human-like machines would help to solve the shortage of working hands and generally reduce the cost of manufacturing, and such robots would have to be used at Tesla in Texas, which began its work this spring, where they would be released from next year.

The Tesla project intends to use its experience in the development and use of power electronics and batteries, as well as artificial intelligence algorithms. According to Maska, the robot will first be programmed to perform the simplest recurring tasks, including production tasks, but will eventually be improved to carry out an increasingly wide range of work, which will make it useful for use by both commercial companies and conventional consumers.