AMD partners showed motherboards on the X670E chipset for the Ryzen 7000 processors

AMD partners showed motherboards on the X670E chipset for the Ryzen 7000 processors

AMD hosted a closed event, "Meet the EXPERTS", where it invited its partners to show their motherboards on the new AMD X670E and AMD X670 chipsets, designed for future Ryzen 7000 processors. Most of the boards reported at the event were announced by manufacturers at the Computex 2022 in May. However, there was a couple of new ones.

AsUS showed the ROG Crosshair series – ROG Crosshair X670E Extrame and ROG Crosshair X670E Hero – the first manufacturer was already told about. The Hero model was new.

The ROG Crosshair X670E Hero uses a 20-phase power subsystem based on the 18+2 pattern. The new one has two PCIe 5.0 x16. It is also stated that there are five M.2s for hard NVMe storage. One of them supports the PCIe 5.0 standard.

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The fee equipment also includes a pair of USB4 exchanges supported by the DisplayPort alternative mode, two USB Type-C and six SATA III. The new one is equipped with an ALC 4082 audio code. In addition, Q-Releasé and Q-Latch have been paid for a more convenient installation/determination of graphic accelerators and NVMe storage devices.

ASRock reported on X670E Taichi Carrara, X670E Taichi, X670E Steel Legend, X670E Pro RS. All of these models were presented earlier and described in detail at the Computex exhibition as early as May this year.

The new model was the ASRock X670E PG Lightning. Unfortunately, the company did not go into the details of its decisions. It only generally noted that its innovations were supported by the PCIe 5.0 interface for the M.2 SSD format, as well as for the video cards, working with the DDR5 DDR5, received USB Type-C splits with a fast charging function, and the board was based on 8-layer textolite.

Gigabyte described four models of X670E Xtreme, Master, Aorus Pro AX and Aorus Elite MX motherboard. The flag model Xtreme is equipped with a 22-phase VRM power subsystem based on 18+2+2. All other models received 20-phase VRM power subsystems with 16+2+2.

Gigabyte supports the DDR5 memory as well as the PCIE 5.0 interface for the M.2 video cards and hard drives.

MSI first showed the flagship fee MEG X670E Godlike. The new E-ATX format will offer a very powerful 26-phase VRM power subsystem with a 24+2 circuit and 105 A current phase. The company has confirmed the installation of the M-Vision Dashboard LK screen, which can provide different information about the system.

In addition, the manufacturer indicated that the MEG Ace and Godlike fees would be supplied with an expansion map of M.2 XPANDER-Z Gen.5 It would add two additional M2 splits for the NVMe storage units of the PCIe 5.0 standard.

In addition to the models MEG X670E Godlike and MEG X670E Ace, MSI also described the models Pro X670-P WiFi, MPG X670E Carbon. Further details can be found in our previous publication. Note that the Carbon model uses a 20-phase VRM power subsystem with a 18+2 circuit, with a powered current phase of 90 A.

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As well as the new MEG series, the Carbon model received special mechanisms for simple installation of M.2 hard storage devices.

Biostar showed X670E Valkyrie flagship fee. It is equipped with a 22-phase power subsystem and uses 105 A current phases.

For the new one, the PCIe 5.0 interface is supported for both solid storage devices M.2 and two of the three PCIe x16s.