In the new beta version of Windows 11, a new Game Pass widget appeared

In the new beta version of Windows 11, a new Game Pass widget appeared

Microsoft released another beta version of Windows 11 this week, number 25174, which became available to participants in the preliminary assessment program on Dev. The most notable change was the introduction of the new Game Pass widget. Together, the developers have made a lot of improvements and corrections to enhance the stability of the operating system.

This widget provides access to the PC Game Pass library, shows new entries in subscriptions, upcoming releases, and games from different categories. The widget is designed for a quick transition to an Xbox application, where you can view the description of the games and download them. A function that allows you to enter the Xbox profile and return to interaction with recent games will soon be integrated. Recommended games selected according to user preferences will be shown here.

The advance version of the Game Pass widget is located on a panel where other widgets can also be found to monitor the weather, news, etc. The widget panel can be opened by using the appropriate task panel button or by pressing a combination of WIN+W keys. To secure the Game Pass widget, press "+" in the upper right corner of the widget board.

Another innovation relates to "The Guide." Now pressing the middle mouse button on the folder leads to its opening in a new tab, similar to that in the main part of "The Searcher." This innovation works in "The Guider", which has been supported by the tab interface.

A large number of corrections have also been implemented in the beta version of Windows 11. The developers have eliminated bugs that could cause explorer.exe malfunctions when opening new windows in the Guide. An error has been corrected that caused it to move the folder to the end of the list rather than to a specified location by the user. The bug that may cause some elements of the task panel to disappear is corrected. A full list of changes is available on the official development blog.