Microsoft Teams have finally been optimized for use with Apple processors

Microsoft Teams have finally been optimized for use with Apple processors

More than two years have passed since Apple announced the conversion of its computers from Intel processors to their own development chipsets. Although Microsoft Teams works for any Mac, Microsoft has made additional efforts to optimize the software to Coopertino's branded processors.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft is not in a hurry and promises to phase out new versions of popular software even two years after Apple has begun to shut down its collaboration with Intel. In other words, even if the user has long been using Theams on the Mac with the Apple chipset, it is likely that he will have to wait for the optimized version. However, once the program has been updated, Microsoft promises , as well as the optimization of energy consumption.

According to Microsoft's blog, the company produces a universal version of Teams. This means that the new software can be used with the same comfort on all Mac products. Microsoft emphasizes that this means a significant increase in productivity, efficient use of resources, and even using several high resolution monitors during calls and online meetings. It is expected that the software will be updated automatically in the coming months.

Microsoft is known to have started testing the beta version of Theams, optimized for Mac with new chipsets as early as April.

  • iPhone or iPad applications downloaded via Mac App Store; Mac applications with Intel processors on Mac with Apple chipsets using Rosetta 2 running in background mode; finally, universal applications downloaded from Mac App Store or from the Network and able to operate equally efficiently with both Apple chipsets and Intel processors.

The latter includes a new version of Theams, which users may have to wait for months to come.