The U.S. energy system will be tested for availability for renewable energy only

The U.S. energy system will be tested for availability for renewable energy only

The U.S. Department of Energy has committed $26 million to research that will prove the 100% capacity of the national energy system to operate exclusively on renewable energy.

The study needs to find out if there will be interruptions either day or night at any level of consumption or any level of input power. The main problem with green energy is the instability of its sources, which should compensate for new solutions to "smart" power transfer management.

"Says US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

The money to prove the reliability of renewable energy sources will be the main part of the implementation of the Infrastructure Investment Act signed by President Joseph Biden at the end of last year, which will be carried out within the framework of the SWGSRD project. 10 pilot sites will be built from existing solar and wind power plants with a total generation of at least 10 MW.

The U.S. electrical network has historically been built to provide power from several large fossil fuel-burning facilities, but the level of renewable energy production is changing this approach. The challenge is to have inverters, both for solar power plants, which generate DC currents and need to be converted into a variable for grid transmission, and for wind generation frequencies that do not match those installed for the network.

In principle, tools have already been developed for energy network operators to manage a more complex distribution network with many unusual sources, and the Ministry of Energy ' s project has to prove that these tools will operate on a national network.

In general, the demonstration project covers two topics: the development and implementation of new network services projects for wind and solar power plants, and how to protect mass electricity systems from power outages from inverter sources; the projects will focus on development, as explained in DoE.

In the final analysis, network operators should create and test models of protection and strategies that avoid interruptions in the supply of energy from inverters, which would mean the full readiness of the power distribution network to operate only on renewable sources of energy.