In Africa, a Roam Air electric motor was introduced at the cost of an electric bicycle

In Africa, a Roam Air electric motor was introduced at the cost of an electric bicycle

Roam, based in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, presented a low-cost, light and practical Roam Air electric motor, valued at $1,500, designed specifically for African conditions and capable of driving up to 180 km on two replacement batteries, which is expected to be optimal for both urban and rural areas.

It is known that the people of Africa purchased 3.5 million new motorcycles in 2016, which is expected to reach 10 million copies per year in the early 2030s, given that public transport is virtually non-existent in many regions of the continent, cheap and unattractive electric models will be used as personal transport, means of delivery of orders and even mototaxes.

Roam has already produced electric buses, powered off-roads, and offered commercial and consumer solar power plants. The home development of Air has a metal frame, "out-road" wheels, simple ergonomics and two-person spaces, as well as a portable trunk.

The engine produces a torque of 185 Nm, weighs 135 kg, reaches 90 km/h in 5 seconds and can carry up to 220 kg. Air provides five speeds, including one rear speed.

Roam positions the new one as an ultra-budget model that is more economical than the equivalent of a 150-cube petrol scooter. One-batter version costs $1,500, a two-dollar model. Some electric bicycles are more expensive. The supplies will start later this year. The first "limited series" will cost $500 more. Mass deliveries are expected in 2023. The new one may have a good export potential, considering its price, will probably find those who want to add an African-made electric motor cycle to their collection.