Frozen for 24000 years, this little thing is back to life

Frozen for 24000 years, this little thing is back to life

The last time this little creature "opened its eyes" 24000 years ago, the woolly mammoths were still wandering across the Siberian plains, now more than ever before, the prams, like the slow walkers, are one of the most resilient organisms on the planet.

Bdelloid carpets

These are the creatures.

Return from the Dead

As part of this work, researchers from the Russian soil criology laboratory collected samples of permafrost by drilling nearly 3.5 metres beneath the Alaseya River in northern Siberia.

These samples are 24000 years old.

The first surprise: one of these organisms has been successfully woken up in the lab, and the second surprise: this little creature has not only reborn, it has also reproduced itself, suggesting that there is a mechanism through which multicellular animals can avoid damage to cells during the freezing and awakening process, no matter what happens.

"," said Stas Malawin, co-author of the study."

Let us recall that in 2016 a group of Japanese scientists were able to revive another stable animal, a quiet walker, after 30 years of cryptobiosis, and prior to the results of this new work, earlier studies of the rugs showed that the stakes can withstand deep frosts until the age of ten.

These very impressive organisms are just as surprising to researchers as they are to protect their cells and organs from conditions that would kill any other multicellular organism in a matter of minutes. The explanation of these biological strategies may one day help us to preserve our own cells, tissues and organs both on and outside the Earth.