China released a computer building with a built-in fish tank

China released a computer building with a built-in fish tank

The Chinese company MetalFish introduced a very unusual computer building called Y2 Fish Tank Chassis.

The size of Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is 370 x 250 x 290 mm. The total volume of Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is 27 litres, about 13 of which are allocated to a fish tank. The thickness of the aquarium walls is 5 mm. A United StatesB filter is included in the supply package. The manufacturer also provided for the residents of the aquarium to have a light that can be controlled by remote control and disabled. The computer components compartment has its own RGB lighting. It is not synchronized with the aquarium part.

The manufacturer does not say anything about how the aquarium affects PC cooling, but it is very likely that if the low-efficiency cooling of the computer components from the bottom to the top of the population is used, it may at some point become quite warm.

The Y2 Fish Tank Chassis building allows the installation of Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. It uses 1.5 mm aluminium alloy walls. There is room inside for one 2.5-inch storage device, two 90-mm cooling fans, and a 90-mm processor cooler. It is also possible to install a video map of up to 220 mm long and a compact power supply unit of 1U or FlexATX formats.

This is not the first collection from MetalFish, but the manufacturer has previously released the Fish Cube model, the Mini-ITX format. However, the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis model, at the expense of its design, looks more elegant.

According to Thomas Hardware, MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is already sold in China at a price below $75.