Does the world suffer from a fiber-optic crisis?

Does the world suffer from a fiber-optic crisis?

The optics are the most important technology for improving the Internet, and the popularity of this technology does not show any signs of decline, but the sector is currently in short supply of some of the materials used in the production of optical fibres. How can this alarming situation be explained?

The sharp rise in the prices of some components

The deployment of higher capacity and access to 5G is the goal of ongoing fibre-optic projects, as well as research on Internet revolution and technology development beyond 5G. For example, in 2021 Japanese researchers developed a new type of four-body fibre-optic cable, which established a new amazing speed record.

However, as the British newspaper The Register explains in an article of July 25, 2022, the price of fibre optics rose sharply. In 2021, a kilometer of cable was worth $3.70, and today the price rose by 70% to $6.30.

The lack of components was caused by the surge in demand for Internet services and data processing centres, such as cloud centres, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Technology and telecommunications companies are trying to meet the needs of their clients.

The most affected regions of the world are China, India, and Europe, and North America, on the other hand, is very confident in this crisis; in the US, for example, prices have risen by only 2 per cent; in the view of some experts, this is the result of very strong local production; also in the US, the Federal Communications Commission has established a fund of $20.4 billion for digital development in rural areas; and finally, the broadband Internet, like other industries, benefits from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which is a series of laws that have created an investment fund worth $1.2 trillion.