Spain is facing Zoe, the first officially named heat wave

Spain is facing Zoe, the first officially named heat wave

Recent media articles discussed the growing appeal of views and some experts with regard to the designation of heat waves, and the World Meteorological Organization then recalled the advantages and disadvantages of such a system in a special press release.

As a result, the UN Agency concluded that "".

Spain has just established the first experimental system in this area, a system called proMETO Seville, which is limited, according to its name, by the city of Seville and its 700,000 inhabitants. In this context, the current heat wave is officially known as Zoe.

"," says Antonio Muñoz, mayor of the city, and it should be noted that the temperature of dry air is not the only variable to take into account; the algorithm developed by scientists also takes into account, for example, the humidity and duration of the episode.

Pilot project to increase awareness and resilience to heat waves

For the first denomination, Zoe's choice of name may be surprising. In fact, proMETO Seville has decided to call heat waves in the opposite alphabetical order. The following episodes will be called Yago, Xenia, Wenceslao, Vega, etc. However, only periods of intense heat reaching level 3 will have a name that will mobilize additional material and human resources and raise public awareness.

"," says Katie Buffman McLeod, director of the think tank, Adrianna Arst-Rocfeller Foundation Sustainability Center, who helped develop the Seville system. ", reported on the project's website.