New island, helicopters and advanced destruction: Bohemia Interactive presented the Arma Reforger support plan

New island, helicopters and advanced destruction: Bohemia Interactive presented the Arma Reforger su

The creators of Arma Reforger introduced a detailed plan for the development of the game. The Czech studio Bohemia Interactive intends to produce three major updates, the first of which is expected before the end of 2022.

The update of the Ground Support will be released in the last quarter of 2022 and will propose the following:

  • Arland's summer map is a Baltic island measuring 4 km by 4 km; the possibility of putting weapons on its juices; new weapons and equipment — Sa-58P, Sa-58V, anti-tank mines and target Colt 4x20; Soviet and American ambulances; and birds.

The main innovations and changes to the second update are Air Assault:

  • Helicopter control; character resurrection system; ballistic vests to protect against bullets and shrapnel and helmets to protect against shrapnel; electrical network to which buildings, transformers and lamps are connected, as well as the possibility of connecting and shutting down individual objects; lighting within buildings; refuelling and optimization of fuel consumption; updating of Game Master tools; renewal of the Conflict mode; several retention slots; all weapons will allow use in close combat; silencers; new weapons, equipment and cosmetics: NSV heavy machine gun, two types of warning missiles, new ballistic vests and helmets, flight suits, bays and optical targets; new transport: UH-1H and Mil MI-8MT helicopters and the S1203 van.

Finally, the composition of the Final Strike is as follows:

  • Light artillery are two mortars with manual control of the azimuth and heights, managed by both players and II; advanced building destruction system; remote fuses; upgrade of Game Master tools; renewal of the Conflict regime; ability to manage headquarters and make strategic decisions; improvement of dynamic scenarios; new weapons, equipment and cosmetics: M252 and 2B14, UK-59L mortar, M16A2 assault rifle, explosive ordnance, anti-personnel mines, tank masks and civilian transport; new transport: BMP LAV-25, BRDM 2, Skoda S 105, truck and helicopter weapon system.

A complete list of planned improvements and innovations is available on the game's official website.

The developer, Jan Duschuk, recalled that Arma Reforger was the foundation for Arma 4 and had only begun a multi-year journey, so it would take some time before the shooter became a reliable platform for future opportunities. The authors also assured that the release of version 1.0 in 2023 would not stop supporting the game.

Previously, the creators reported that the updates would no longer be issued weekly, but once every two weeks, which would increase the test time and add more corrections to each patch.

===Reforger===Arma Reforger was released on May 17, 2022 in Steam's early access.