They found fresh pieces of space debris in Australia, probably from SpaceX

They found fresh pieces of space debris in Australia, probably from SpaceX

The fall of space debris anywhere on the planet seems to be about to become normal, with several debris found on one of Australia's farms, which, according to experts, is a trace of one of the SpaceX missions, but the company has not yet officially confirmed the origin of the discovery.

While the Australian Space Agency was investigating the incident, debris had fallen in the south of New South Wales, and three major burning fragments had been found between 14 and 25 July.

According to experts, scattered debris is part of the Crew Dragon ship, which delivered four astronauts to the International Space Station in November 2020.

Experts believe that a part of Crew Dragon's "bugger" has been discovered that was dumped before Dragon returned to Earth — this source element does not have its own propulsion system. In fact, it is an empty shell weighing a couple of hundred kilograms. The debris was already placed at the disposal of the local police, who will await confirmation of its origin from SpaceX.

Crew Dragon is located under the crew capsule and is carrying cargo and equipped with solar panels. It is attached to Dragon until it returns to the Earth's atmosphere, where it separates itself from the ship's multiple module. Dragon itself returns to the surface almost unharmed, while the fragment is actually thrown into the atmosphere, then it goes into a free, uncontrolled fall.

With the increase in the number of space-faring nations and their ambitions, it is expected that the number of recorded debris drops will only increase; most recently, the debris of a rocket launched by China, which also does not provide for controlled re-entry into the atmosphere, fell to Earth on the territory of Indonesia and Malaysia.