Nintendo admitted that Switch's sales had fallen markedly — a deficit of components

Nintendo admitted that Switch's sales had fallen markedly — a deficit of components

Nintendo continues to feel the impact of the chip deficit. In its recent financial report, the Japanese manufacturer announced a 23% decline in sales of his Sitch game consoles over the last quarter, closed on June 30, during which time Nintendo was able to deliver only 3.43 million consoles.

The sale of the standard version of the Nintendo Switch in the last quarter collapsed by 60%. The company sold only 1.32 million of these consoles. The sales of the Switch Lithe version fell by almost 50%, to 0.59 million units sold. The sales of Switch OLED, which entered the market last October, were also low. Nintendo was able to sell only 1.52 million of them.

," noted the company in its report, adding what it expected.

The demand for games is also mixed, with a fall of 8.6 percent. The company reported 41.5 million copies sold. Despite the disappointing closure of the Nintendo quarter, it is still confident that it will be able to sell 21 million copies by the end of the fiscal year.

The last quarter was relatively scarce for new game releases that could stimulate sales. Nintendo Switch Sports was the best sold 4.84 million copies sold. Mario Strickers: Battle League and Kirby and the Forgotten Land with 1.91 and 1.88 million copies sold in second and third places. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, released more than five years ago, sold 1.48 million copies in the last quarter. Nintendo has now sold over 111 million Switch apps. Despite its age, the company notes "stable demand for consoles".

The company's operating surplus over the past quarter was about $768 million, which is below the estimates of analysts who predicted $865 million.