Intel stated that the laptops and PCs supported by Wi-Fi 7 would be available in 2024

Intel stated that the laptops and PCs supported by Wi-Fi 7 would be available in 2024

The Wi-Fi 7 wireless link will be available in laptops and PCs by 2024. In 2025, a new generation of wireless support will be provided to other electronic devices on the market. This is the opinion of Eric McLaughlin, the Vice-President of the Intel Client Computer Systems Unit, and the Director General of the Wireless Solutions Group.

McLaughlin notes that the IEEE 802.11be certification application has already been submitted to Wi-Fi Alliance, which is concerned with the standardization of wireless equipment. Once the certification has been completed, the first Wi-Fi 7-supported devices will be available on the market.

," said McLaughlin, adding that Intel's road map generally correlates with Wi-Fi 7 certification by Wi-Fi Alliance.

Intel itself says that Wi-Fi 7 will be a significant update of the current Wi-Fi 6E standard," says Intel's promotional material about the new standard.

According to the IEEE Engineering Association, which is responsible for the development of a new generation of wireless technology, Wi-Fi 7 will have a number of features that will make it faster than Wi-Fi 6. For example, the Wi-Fi 7 will be supported by a full frequency range of 6 GHz.

Another new feature of Wi-Fi 7 will be the automatic harmonization of frequencies. This will allow the new standard to adapt to frequencies of 6 GHz that are not used by nearby objects such as radio telescopes and meteorological radars, which will make connections more reliable. Support for multi-channel operations will allow devices to connect to multiple channels simultaneously to increase the connection speed that can theoretically reach 40 Gbit/s.

The IEEE Wi-Fi 7 standard is still in development. And Wi-Fi Alliance has not yet defined its final specifications. However, it does not stop chip developers from experimenting with new technology today. For example, MediaTek submitted its first solutions in May for corporate and consumer products supported by Wi-Fi 7.

According to The Register, the shortage of semiconductors and the lack of components for Wi-Fi 6E equipment has accelerated the development of Wi-Fi 7. According to some analysts, many electronics producers have chosen to ignore Wi-Fi 6E against this background and simply wait for Wi-Fi 7. In turn, Wi-Fi Alliance states that Wi-Fi 6E has not been affected by chip shortages and all the components required for it are available. In the opinion of the organization, manufacturers should not ignore Wi-Fi 6E because it is not yet clear when the Wi-Fi 7 will begin.

However, the same company Qualcomm believes that Wi-Fi 7-supported devices will be on the market as early as 2023; the manufacturer plans to start supplying corporate-level products with support for the new standard in the fourth quarter of next year; moreover, the company is already ready to supply the OEM partners with Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro products on the basis of which outside developers can create and test their future consumer solutions.