Google Play Market's mobile version has lost application numbers

Google Play Market's mobile version has lost application numbers

Recently, in response to criticism from Google users, it returned the list of permits to the application descriptions of Play Market, but now the software store has a new feature that may be a problem for some, missing as much information about the software as indicating their version.

Previously, the annex version number could be found in the annex section of the description, where the relevant information was found literally in the first line.

The "Versia" item has now completely disappeared from the store, replacing it with the "Last Update." According to the 9to5google portal, the changes have only affected the mobile version of the marketplay, in War OS and Android/Google TV, and the computer store versions continue to display the necessary information.

On the other hand, it looks more like a design error than a deliberate change -- in deleting version numbers of applications, much less exclusively for mobile devices -- it doesn't make any sense. It's noteworthy that the change has affected both the Russian version of Google Play and the foreign versions of the store -- "newing" reports come from different parts of the world. It is known that the malfunction has appeared in version 31.6.13-21 of the Market.

However, the change is important; for example, if the user has learned that the new version of the application has critical bugs, it is better to delay updating it until a more stable and quality version is available.