Marine Perseverance collected the 11th Martian soil sample

Marine Perseverance collected the 11th Martian soil sample

In an attempt to detect signs of life on Mars, the rover Perseverance had already taken its 11th place on the Red Planet, as reported by NASA technicians, once again addressing the issue of the delivery of Martian soil samples to Earth.

," wrote last Monday the engineers of the American Space Agency on Twitter on behalf of Perseverance himself.

Last week, the American and European space agencies decided that the primary unit for collecting soil samples would be solely Perseverance, and that the assistance of a European Mars vehicle would no longer be required; the reserve force would be two new helicopters; another would be a sedimentary rock that could contain biomarks or life signs. Perseverance could also produce preliminary analysis by itself, but its arsenal of instruments was limited, so scientists were trying to find the most effective way of delivering images to Earth for detailed study.

A joint American and European mission to send samples to Earth is scheduled to begin on Mars in 2028. Until then, Perseverance will continue to manufacture the fence in the Ezero crater and find the most suitable place to land the mission to land the earth. After the landing, Perseverance will deliver the collected material to a small Mars Ascent Vehicle missile, which in turn will send it to the orbital spacecraft.

The Armoured Perseverance consists of 43 test tubes, 38 of which will be filled with soil — operators are taking the most promising samples, trying not to waste the containers in vain. The sailboat landed in February last year and took the first sample only in September. The rover is now investigating the expected delta of the river, and it is likely that there will be traces of life here.