Flatco was sanctioned by the U.S., which could hit the development of 6G network equipment

Flatco was sanctioned by the U.S., which could hit the development of 6G network equipment

A number of Russian individuals and companies, including the Spolkov Foundation, the Skolkovo Technology Park and the Skoltech, were listed on the sanctions lists on 2 August by the United States Department of Foreign Assets Control. According to the experts interviewed by the Commersant, this would have a negative impact on the development of television equipment on the Openran architecture, as well as technologies for 6G communications.

Openran allows the use of compatible components and technologies from various foreign suppliers, which is important in view of the withdrawal from the Russian market due to the sanctions of the manufacturers of Nokia, Ericsson and the cut-off of Huawei equipment.

At present, the telecommunications industry uses a proprietary model where one vendor is installed at each site; until the end of February, the main providers of television equipment to Russia were Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and ZTE, which accounted for more than 95% of supplies.

The senior partner of the Pen & Paper Anton-Tav Bar noted that Russian companies would be subject to restrictions on the provision of technology that is regulated by the U.S. export control.

He added that while the description of technologies on the basis of open architecture was publicly available, development-related business processes might require licensing agreements, because of the Skoltech sanctions, it would no longer be able to pay for participation in the O-RAN Alliance, which meant that it had no access to joint standard-setting with other members of the organization, the Commersant's source had informed him.

The development of 6G, in addition to qualified personnel, requires international cooperation in the harmonization of frequencies and standards that are being developed globally, described the Commersant's source in the telecommunications market.

In turn, the President of the Russian manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, Zelux Sergei Suhman, noted that sanctions against Skoltech would make it difficult to acquire the components necessary for the production of the equipment.