The Steam weekly chart: Stray did not allow Digimon Survey to climb higher, while Steam Deck leads the ninth week in a row

The Steam weekly chart: Stray did not allow Digimon Survey to climb higher, while Steam Deck leads t

For the ninth consecutive week, Steam Deck's console remained on the top of the Steam sales chart. Stray's adventure was held in second place, while the third debuted a visual novel with tactical elements of RPG Digital Survey.

Although Stray did not give up, the maximum number of simultaneous players dropped by more than 50 per cent in a week, while it attracted 62,963 users at the same time, the number dropped below 15,000 last week.

Digimon Survey, released on July 28, is less popular: its own record of 6,179 simultaneous players remains. The new game of the famous virtual pet franchise, developed by Hyde Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, received over 700 reviews, which ranked it at 80%.

Buyers single out among their merits an exciting dark story with several versions of the finals, expository characters, and good tactical battles, as well as warm talk about the visual content, soundtrack and voice, with few digimons, limited castomization of monsters and too low complexity, and despite the deficiencies, the Digital Survey advised fans of the universe, and especially the original anime series Digital Adventure, not only on the PC, but also on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The space adventure No. Manx Sky, returned to the top ten due to the release of the content update Endurance and the 50 per cent discount, the VR Valve Index and the role-playing Elden Ring were added to one line, now on the sixth and seventh lines, respectively. The eighth was allocated to Red Dead Reproduction 2, and the tenth to the Grand Theft Auto V: both were offered with large discounts until the evening of August 4th.

The Dinkum Farm Simulator, the set of founders for the multiVersus Fighting, and the Ready or Nott Tactical Shooter have left the chart.

Top 10 products from the proceeds :