SpaceX debris landed on a farm in southeast Australia

SpaceX debris landed on a farm in southeast Australia

The Australian Space Agency visited the region to examine the discovery, and they believe that these are the remnants of an old spaceship, SpaceX Dragon, which delivered cargo to ISS, which burned down when it returned to Earth's atmosphere.

In the same region, local farmers discovered two more such fragments, one of which, the largest, about 3 metres in size, was stuck in the ground in the middle of a sheep's exile.

Locals began making unusual discoveries after the explosion in the sky on 9 July, and researchers believe that it was linked to the re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere of the spaceship used by SpaceX in early space missions.

Astrophysics of the Australian National University College of Sciences, Brad Tucker, that detection of these parts could be Australia's largest discovery of space debris since parts of NASA Skylab's space station fell to Earth in south-west Australia in 1979.

Local authorities have already contacted SpaceX but have not yet received confirmation.