In Yandex, they created industrial robots for warehouses

In Yandex, they created industrial robots for warehouses

Yandex has developed and tested two models of industrial robots designed to work in warehouses and darts, and it is the intention of the creators not only to use them for Marquet warehouses and Lavki darts, but also to sell their models abroad whenever possible.

According to the publication, the Marqueta robot is already in use in the largest logistics habe of 80,000 m2 in Pomoskovje. It is carrying out an inventory of large items such as washing machines, refrigerators and stoves, and large pellets. Novinka has a lidar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras, helps to use the digital map of the storage space. The model can move along the shelves by identifying QR codes, goods, palets, and input data into the system. It is pointed out that a person is able to calculate the amount of the product on the bullet in about two minutes, and the robot is able to do so in a second.

A robot designed for "Lawkey" can collect orders and place goods in a duckstor. A special prototype is already being tested in Moscow, on a special "polygon" simulating a real Dextor, and the room has a rough floor and a non-standard shape. The new one is capable of travelling on different routes of complexity, resistant to low temperatures, and able to collect the necessary products from the shelves on its own. The use of the robot will increase the storage volume of the goods by reducing the space between the shelvers. The use of the Marquet robot allows it to be purchased in about two years, the "Lawkey" for one and a half. The cost of models is not yet available.

The world market for warehouse robotization is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 15.33%, and Yandex expects the company to supply its solutions to South-East Asia, India, China, and a number of Latin American countries.

According to available data, the country ' s digital storage technologies are already being handled by MetroRobotics and Ronavi Robotics. New solutions can be required if they are offered at competitive prices and/or use unique technological solutions.