Jonsbo presented a powerful fan-coupler for M.2 SSD

Jonsbo presented a powerful fan-coupler for M.2 SSD

The company Jonsbo announced a cooling system M.2-20 specially designed for high-performance solid storage units of type M.22280, the new one having a fan, i.e. active-type coolers.

The design includes a thermostrator, a fairly large aluminium radiator, fan and housing, with a total dimensions of 74.5 x 24.5 x 27 mm.

The 20 mm diameter and 10 mm thickness fan shall be located at the end of the coil with a rotational speed of 14,000 revolutions per minute and a flow of air up to 2.3 cubic metres per hour shall be formed at a noise level of not more than 24 dBA. The static pressure shall be 4.31 mm water column.

Cooler weighs approximately 60 degrees. It is designed to be installed in powerful desktop computers, game systems and workstations. The solution is said to reduce the temperature of the solid storage controller by 47 degrees Celsius and the NAND flash memory microchips by 33 degrees.

There is no information on the start date and estimated price of the Jonsbo M.2-20 chiller.