Photo of the day: "Golden Age" by the birth of stars

Photo of the day: "Golden Age" by the birth of stars

The European South Observatory published a beautiful picture of the spiral galaxy NGC 4303, also known as Messier 61, located approximately 50 million light years away in the constellation Deva.

NGC 4303 is a galaxy with a flash of star formation. The birth of new lights here occurs at an extremely high rate. The stars are formed when the clouds of cold gas are compressed. The high-energy radiation of newborns heats and ionizes the rest of the gas around them.

The golden light in the picture presented is the result of the application of images obtained on different light waves from the MUSE multi-cell spectrograph in Chile. A cloud of ionized oxygen, hydrogen and sulphur is shown in blue, green and red colours, respectively.

It should also be noted that the sealed structure refers to the so-called galaxy with strings, which are long straight, isolated portions of spiral sleeves.

The filming was carried out in the framework of the PHANGS project, which aims to observe close galaxies at all high-angle resolution waves of the electromagnetic spectrum.