The Geekbench 5 test showed unknown mobile Ryzen 6,000 entry level

The Geekbench 5 test showed unknown mobile Ryzen 6,000 entry level

The Gekbench 5 synthetic test database noted an unknown four-nuclear mobile AMD Rembrandt processor, recalling that this series of CPUs is produced on a 6-nm process, uses the Zen 3+ architecture, and has an integrated chart on board the RDNA 2 architecture. Only eight-nuclear and six-nuclear models are officially represented in the Rembrandt series.

An engineering sample of the four-nuclear Rembrandt has an OPN labeled 100-000000552-40_Y. It supports eight virtual flows and operates at a frequency range of 2.90 to 4.14 GHz. It is also indicated that the processor received 8 Mbytes of Cache L3 and 2 Mbyte Cash L2. A built-in graphic nuclei marked GFX1035 contain 3 computing units with 192 flow processors and a frequency of 1,600 MHz. It is recalled that in the submitted rembrandt processors, AMD offers two graphic nuclei: Radeon 680M and Radeon 660M with 12 and 6 executive blocks.

The last AMD released a four-power mobile processor in the Barcelona series. The Ryzen 35425U model operates at a frequency range of 2.7 to 4.1 GHz and has six built-in Vega graphics that operate at 1,500 MHz.

The four nuclear-powered Rembrandt was tested in a mobile platform HP mt845, equipped with 16 Gbytes of DDR5 memory.

The speed of the three executive blocks of the built-in chip in the OpenCL test was slightly lower than the output of the 11 executive blocks of the Vega 11 graph.

About when AMD plans to release a four-nuclear mobile Rembrandt and whether it plans at all, nothing is known yet.