Ilon Mask: Component prices for Tesla have started to decline, but electric vehicles are not yet cheaper

Ilon Mask: Component prices for Tesla have started to decline, but electric vehicles are not yet che

The head of Tesla Ilon Musk repeatedly repeated that one of the company's main objectives was to create the most affordable electric vehicles, as applicable to the current economic situation. In two short years, the official prices of the machines in question had risen by up to 25%, and Masku had recently had to state that he would consider the possibility of lowering prices after inflation had slowed down.

In recent months Tesla has been forced to raise the prices of electric vehicles regularly and preventively, as the production cycle of some ordered electric vehicles has been extended to the following year, and the company is trying to protect itself from further possible increases in the prices of materials and services. The price has increased literally from metals, which determine a significant share of the cost of producing traction batteries and body parts to semiconductor components and logistics services. Ilon Musk has given hope to potential buyers of Tesla electric vehicles that the company will return to lower prices of its products as soon as it becomes economically viable.

This week, the head of the company said on Twitter that the prices of many of Tesla ' s purchases began to decline. When asked if this meant that it would soon be possible to lower the prices of electric vehicles, he explained that it was premature to talk about it.

According to Electric, Tesla may soon have an additional incentive to lower the price of electric cars in the United States. Local authorities are discussing a legislative initiative to reform the subsidy system for the purchase of electric vehicles by citizens. It is assumed that cars with a value of not more than $55,000 can be accompanied by a government subsidy of $7,500. The most available Tesla Model 3 with a full drive cost of $57990, and the company could add the price of this modification to the subsidized amount by subtracting $3,000, but it is difficult to say for the time being whether Tesla will go this way. In any case, the legislative initiative has not yet become a specific document defining the operation of the electric car market in the United States.