Rumours: Intel encountered hardware problems in the production of Arc video cards -- their release could be cancelled

Rumours: Intel encountered hardware problems in the production of Arc video cards -- their release c

Intel is experiencing serious problems in preparing for the release of its Arc Alchemist video cards. It wasn't hard to guess, because their release has been delayed many times. Now there are rumors online that the company will close down this direction at all and not produce video maps for the desktop segment.

Also at CES 2022 early in the year, Intel announced that it would release the first discrete video cards in the first quarter of this year. Later, in February, Intel promised to release discrete video cards for laptops in the first quarter of 2022, for desktop PCs in the second quarter, and for workstations in the third quarter.

In the first quarter, the company was able to present five mobile Arcs and immediately announced the availability of two junior models: Arc A350M and Arc A370M. But initially they only appeared in Samsung laptops and only in South Korea. Not the most impressive debut. A similar situation happened with Intel Arc A380. This video map was presented in mid-June, i.e. in the second quarter. However, sales started in July, i.e. the third quarter, and only in China.

But this is not the problem at all. As the first tests showed, Arc A380's video map has enormous problems with the performance and performance of drivers. In some games, it shows itself to be quite decent, but it has a lot of fries and just very low productivity. Plus, the viewers have faced a huge number of critical errors that caused the system to hang out or reboot.

After that, it became clear why Intel is slowing down with the full production of the Arc series of video cards, there are major problems in their work, and fresh rumours say that the root of these problems is not in the drivers, but in the GPU architecture itself. It is a lack of planning capacity, which is precisely what causes fries and other productivity problems.

And the main problem is that because the problem is architectural, it may also be relevant to future generations of video cards in Intel. It is rumored that engineers are now trying to correct and create updated versions of Arc Alchemist, a kind of Alchemist Refresh, that may be released by the beginning of next year, but it is rumored that Intel may be limited to the production of mobile video cards, and that the desktop direction may be shut down altogether.

The darker rumor is that Intel's management is tired of the problem of producing discrete consumer video cards and is going to close it down at all. The company is supposed to continue to develop only the computation accelerators for servers.

However, Intel's official statements are still much more optimistic: in the last quarterly event, the company stated that the Intel Arc desktop cards of series A5 and A7 would start to be delivered in the third quarter, and the delay explained the problems in supply chains due to the coronavirus, as well as the difficulties in developing software.