What Intel told investors about Raptor Lake: autumn release, productivity growth, compatibility with LGA 1700 and high price

What Intel told investors about Raptor Lake: autumn release, productivity growth, compatibility with

Intel will present the 13th generation of Core CPUs to Intel in the coming autumn, and they're also Raptor Lake. As part of the quarterly event, the company shared details about future innovations, telling them that they would be more expensive, but much more powerful than the predecessors.

According to Patrick Gelsinger, head of Intel, the Raptor Lake CPUs will offer users "" as compared to the current Alder Lake chips. The new ones will be compatible with the Alder Lake parent fees, as they will be performed under the same LGA 1700 processor split.

Intel stated that the company would be forced to raise the value of the processors and would do so in the fourth quarter. This is about client chips, which is likely to be about Raptor Lake. It was noted that Intel had already delayed the price increase, but in the fourth quarter it would be forced to make the processors more expensive because of inflationary costs.

At the same time, Gelsinger promises that there should not be an all-out increase in prices: "You can assume that not all processors, but, for example, flagships, are going to cost more. How much the prices are going to rise is not yet clear. Note that the current Core i9-12900K is $589, so his successor may well be worth $600.

Intel confirmed that the Raptor Lake processors will be released this fall. The first ones to debut are desktop chips, most likely the K souffix models in the name and released by the multiplier. Later, "by the end of the year", they will be joined by the Raptor Lake mobiles. Also, Intel noted that it is already increasing the production of Raptor Lake.

The rumours and leaks indicate that Raptor Lake will offer up to 24 cores with support of up to 32 streams. The chips will receive up to eight "big" P-nuclears Raptor Cove and up to 16 energy efficient E-nuclear Gracemont. They will also maintain a faster memory of DDR5, more than the PCIe 5.0 lines, and will receive a number of other improvements. These chips will be released via the Intel 7 process.

Intel also referred to Core 14th generation processors, better known as Meteor Lake, reporting that their deliveries would start in 2023; Meteor Lake processors would be made up of several crystals performed on various processes, including Intel 4. The company also boasted of successful new developments: "".